My 9 year old son gives me invaluable lessons on the regular.

I tell you, he is heaven-sent!

The wisdom he dishes out, insights I can hardly comprehend
Substance quite blinding yet heartwarming at the same time
But I value the source of it, so I honor it
He is a child and still

He does the childish things a 9 year old would often do
He still can still annoy me with common regularity
He seems quite keen to inspire me, I enjoy his energy — adore it!

Months ago he told me about the reason for Writer’s Block! He says it’s when you need to hit refresh.

He gave an analogy — He talked about it as a Creative Block — a brake. This brake is triggered when you need to explore new ideas. A Creative Block is like a trigger that propels us towards the flow of motivating ideas. Creativity is like a train, motivation is the fuel, the coal that keeps the train running, when you are running low on fuel you take a break to refuel and get things in motion again.

I’ve tried to write this in verbatim — I am certain that I have succeeded fully but you get the drift?

Now! I don’t often have blocks but I can say I’ve had many a moment when I have felt like things are on hold — when I don’t quite know what to say nor do I want to say anything

Those times are odd, very awkward indeed considering …
Life itself can be motivating, provocative even, depends on what you are looking at. I find that when I have gotten back into it — the flow, things get quite interesting, this is refreshing.

Everything is jutting in live and living color
Vibrant hues appear even more vibrant
Then I feel quite shiny and new — and positivity gets into overdrive
The images in my head become fantastic

I am being reborn
I am connecting to my source
The source of all light that lights every soul
The source that holds things together

The source that gives me essence, purpose and meaning



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Matilda Okufi

Matilda Okufi

I’m a Writer, Author & Poet. Storytelling and Poetry are powerful tools that change lives. I help people tell incredible stories and I also write great copy…!