Raising Children who Understand Life

I haven’t figured it out .

I am being honest.

Somethings I do understand more clearly now. My children are getting older and the pressure is less in some ways and in some ways it is more. Am I letting them down by not always being altogether?

No! I surrender.

I am learning that they are brilliant individuals with individually brilliant minds. If I am being honest they completely floor me when I least expect it. My humble advice has now become don’t hide facts and figures from them because they can learn an appreciation for things. They observe everything we do and say and they are very forgiving.

More forgiving than we often deserve!

The way they see the world is worthy of emulation.Their views haven’t been soiled and sullied with too much knowing. So even the innocence is jarringly brilliant and candid. My children teach me quite a lot by default. As astute learners, they are well able to learn on their own when exposed to the resources that foster and education. Which are:

  1. An enabling environment.
  2. A loving home
  3. Access to the outdoors — nature.

To be clear — keeping things simple keeps it sustainable. These resources could very easily be cardboard boxes and rubber bands. And an enabling environment could just be a back garden or a living room which need not always be perfectly tidy.

They are free unless we stifle them.

They are bold until we tell them different.

They are smart until we start to compare them.

They are enough until we start to overthink things.

They carry greatness until we consider too much of the new.

And they solve problems when we allow them or just listen.

I say all this because it’s what I’m learning from living out days in their company. I love the fact that most of the things that dazzle me about them aren’t things I can take credit for. It’s freeing to know that it will take more than me or their dad to make them all they are supposed to be. They’ve come with unique internal make up.

They’ve come with gifts and intelligence intact. They have sources of inspiration and relationships that will fuel and blossom. Their light will shine because of where they are rooted. They will be absolutely fine because the God of the universe is kind and I surrender my hope to this fact. I lose all anxiety enough to be present, to be honest and apologetic when I need to be but wise enough to let them be, and be free.



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