The Power of Instruction!

You know how it is, when you buy yourself a fancy new pair or ear-pods and you just assume that using it would be intuitive! Well….

I’ve been there, and boy was I wrong, I eventually went on to read or should I say skim over the details in the manual, still I struggled and each attempt to get it to work prove futile.

Only after hitting a hot wall of frustration did I decide to take few steps back to read in the thorough detail the contents of the manual, that is, without any presumptions. Then and only then did I experience success.

I say all this to say, there are written and unwritten instructions all around all the time beckoning for our attention, they are sometimes even within us to guide us as we engage new “Items of Experience” at work, at life or at play; but many times we struggle to pay attention to them or even notice they are there.

We are in a hurry, with no time to waste, at least that is what we tell ourselves. We figure things as we go along — and yes there is a place for this, a truly valid one! BUT… and yes a huge but, slowing down for a moment may be the thing that saves us the most time of all.



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Matilda Okufi

Matilda Okufi

I’m a Writer, Author & Poet. Storytelling and Poetry are powerful tools that change lives. I help people tell incredible stories and I also write great copy…!